Tang West Market Group


Tang West Market Cultural Industry Investment Group Co. Ltd. (“the Group”) is a conglomerate devoted to cultural industry, cultural businesses and financial investment. The Group has over 20 subsidiaries and organizations venturing into cultural development, financial investment, business services, online trading, arts business, real estate development and other industries. Apart from setting up the DTXS Silk Road Investment Holdings Company (Hong Kong listed, Stock code: 00620), the Group has also established the Tang West Market Museum and the DTXS Silk Road Cultural Research Institute. It is the major shareholder of Bank of Xi’an, whose asset size reaches 50 billion CNY. The Group adopts market-oriented operation with a global vision. It progressively expands its footprint in various areas of business ranging from fund, small loan and guarantee to insurance, auction and pawnbroking. Four funds have been set up, including the Silk Road International Development Fund.

Over the past 10 years, the Group has dedicated to investigate and consolidate historical and cultural resources with an aim to inherit and promote Chinese and Silk Road culture. It, at the same time, works to drive regional economic construction along the Silk Road and exploit the cultural industry. The Group has been working to protect the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, namely the West Market, left from the Sui and Tang dynasties. This laid a foundation for it to create the Silk Road-themed “Tang West Market Complex of Culture, Business and Tourism” and pioneer the sustainable development model driven by both cultural business and cultural industry which is recognized as “Promoting business through culture, nurturing culture with business”. The Group became the first from the private sector that strives to inherit Silk Road culture, preserve national relics and venture into cultural industry. The Tang West Market Complex was awarded as a “National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base”, a “National AAAA Tourist District”, a “Model Production Base of Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage”, a “Leading Company of Protecting and Preserving Cultural Heritage” and the “Most Valuable Cultural (Heritage) Tourism Spot”. It serves as an outstanding model in the cultural, business and tourism industries in China. The Complex itself has now more than 20,000 employees.

The Tang West Market Museum established by the Group is the first and the only private museum recognized as a national first-grade museum. The Museum has registered and filed its collections and assets with government authorities ever since establishment, making itself a social cultural service association governed by the Chinese Government and led by its Board. Since its commencement in April 2010, the Museum has been re-accredited by the country and provincial government and was appreciated by Michael Petzet, the former President of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), as “an exemplar” of China’s conservation of cultural relics. The Silk Road International Museum Alliance initiated by the Museum has already had 81 renowned museums from 16 Silk Road countries joined as members.

Silk Road in Paintings is a grand programme fostering arts and cultural exchange, in which a group of renowned Chinese contemporary artists set out on their journey to countries along the Silk Road to accomplish their mission. It was jointly hosted by the Group, the Ministry of Culture and the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province together with the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Artists Association. The programme blazes a new path for Chinese culture to “go out” and becomes a gateway for exchanges with the globe. The Tang West Market Chinese New Year Fair, Silk Road International Expo, Two Cities along the Silk Road and other cultural events under this programme are now iconic from home and abroad. Tang West Market has become a household name of the center of commerce, cultural exchanges and entertainment. It receives over 37 million tourists from the country and all over the world every year.

Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce

In response to the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi in 2013, Tang West Market Cultural Industry Investment Group Co. Ltd. (“the Group”) worked with 36 national chambers and associations and founded the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (“SRCIC”) in Hong Kong in December 2015. It is the first transnational business confederation named after “Silk Road.” Mr. Lu Jianzhong, Chairman of the board of directors of the Group, is the founding chairman of SRCIC. At present, SRCIC has over 110 organizational members from 75 countries, including state-level organizations and millions of affiliated enterprises. It bridges the government and enterprises, provides cooperation platform between members and becomes a vital force to promote the Belt and Road construction. Under the auspices of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), SRCIC hosted Silk Road International Investment Forum, Silk Road Business Summit and Silk Road Economic Belt Cooperation and Development Forum. The Hong Kong Declaration, Xi’an Declaration and Bishkek Declaration were then structured and announced which are immensely influential in fostering the recovery of global economy and promoting cultural exchanges under the Belt and Road Initiative. The Xi’an Consensus on Contributing to the Community of Shared Future was also concluded last year. All these illustrate SRCIC’s effort and devotion to serve as a role model of international organization that boosts the Belt and Road construction.