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Hong Kong Art Central Business District (ACBD)

The Hong Kong Art Central Business District (ACBD) is established by DTXS to foster consolidation of cultural resources and explore art finance business. This idea was inspired by the strategic development framework under the Belt and Road Initiative. The Hong Kong ACBD was officially opened on 1 September 2017. It is the first art salon outside the mainland China after the establishment of the Tang West Market Art Central Business District in Xi’an. Its spacious interior design makes it a unique event venue in the Central district that suits best for business meetings, events and banquets. All kinds of functions would be held in ACBD to indulge our customers and visitors in the world of art, ranging from auctions and exhibitions to seminars and cultural activities.

The 5,000 square feet ACBD conveniently situates at the heart of the Central district of Hong Kong adjacent to the Victoria Harbour. The grade-A office tower where it locates, the Bank of America Tower, is clustered with professionals in the finance and fine art industries. The tower is bridged to the Central MTR Station, making it highly accessible to Central in a five- minute walking distance.

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