Corporate Culture

Our Values

The grand goodness is the good deeds done not for the good reputation;

The great piety is the filial piety done not for being pious;

The true business is to run business not for the sake of being profitable.

Enjoy what is bestowed with you and make the best of it.

Great virtue can carry heavy responsibilities.

Our Outlook on Development

Culture cultivates value, business consolidates dream.

Resources integration, Innovation, Comprehensive Development

Our Outlook on Innovation

Ability of thinking takes root in way of thinking, and leads to innovative

power, which decides execution.

Our Orientation

Our group will strive for:

A positive cause;

A respectable cause;

An international cause; and

An inheritable cause.

Our Spirits

Yi: Righteousness, Faithfulness, Loyalism, Benevolence, Generosity, Kindness, Charity

Jing: Dedication, Respect, Reverence for law, Reverence for nature, Reverence for life, Reverence for people

Fang: Openness, Open-mindedness, Originality

Bian: Transformation of mindset, Transformation of methodology, Flexibility and innovation

Du: Larger scales, Higher standard, Better endurance

Rong: Harmonization, Mergence, Integration, Unification

Our Outlook on People


Talents = Integrity + Intelligence

Wisdom = Cultural power + Contemplative power + Innovative power + Communicative power

Our Outlook on Learning

To learn, to comprehend, to practice, to consolidate

Comprehension and reviewing are necessary in learning new knowledge. Putting new knowledge in practice proactively leads to constant consolidation and inspiration.