Mr. Lu Jianzhong

Chairman and Executive Director

Mr. Lu Jianzhong was appointed as the Chairman and an Executive Director on 8 December 2015, and the chairman of the nomination committee of the Company on 30 March 2017. Mr. Lu graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University with a Master in Industrial Engineering, and enjoys Special Government Allowances from the State Council, China. Mr. Lu is the founding Chairman of the Tang West Market Group (TWMG), the ultimate controlling shareholder of the Company.

Social Positions:
  • ‧ Committee Member of the10th, the 11th, and the 12thNational Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)
  • ‧ Representative of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC
  • ‧ Representative of the 13th, 14th and, 15thXi’an National People’s Congress
  • ‧ Founding Chairman of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC)
  • ‧ Vice Chairman of the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC)
  • ‧ Executive Committee Member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC)
  • ‧ Vice Board Chairman of the China Foundation for International Studies (CFIS)
  • ‧ Vice Chairman of the China Industry University Research Institute Collaboration Association(CIUR)
  • ‧ Chairman of the National Non-State-Owned Museum Associations
  • ‧ Board Chairman of the Xi’an Tang West Market Museum


  • ‧ The Third Annual National Outstanding Builders of Socialism with Chinese Characteristic
  • ‧ Annual Outstanding Individual of China Cultural Heritage Protection
  • ‧ Chinese Culture Leading Figure
  • ‧ 2011 Top Ten Leading Figure of China Private Enterprises
  • ‧ Top Ten Economic Figure of Shaanxi Province
  • ‧ Advanced Individual of Historic Preservation of Shaanxi Construction Projects
  • ‧ Gold Medal for Crans-Montana Forum


    • 1. The Tang West Market Group (TWMG), founded by Mr. Lu, has become one of the most renowned private and modernized enterprises in the areas of cultural industries, cultural undertakings, and financial investment in its years’ development. The TWMG is the sole proprietor of more than 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries, with nearly one hundred billion assets, and more than 2500 employees. Its subsidiary, named Xi’an Da Tang Xi Shi International Group, is the listed company founded in Hong Kong.

      The TWMG’s development projects will create more than 30 thousand jobs and RMB 500 to 600 million tax revenue for Chinese government per year. Additionally, the TWMG is the major shareholder of the Bank of Xi’an, and has established 6 funds including the Silk Road International Development Fund, Da Tang Softbank Fund and more with hundreds of billions in assets.


    • 2. Mr. Lu adheres to the idea of Cultural Inheritance and Historical Continuation as his main mission, devoting himself in excavating, protecting, and utilizing historical and cultural resources. Also focusing on developing special cultural industries and cultural undertakings, and in constructing the characteristic cultural parks. A comprehensive park themed with culture, commerce, and tourism was built by the TWMG on the historical site of the West Market, which is also the starting point of Silk Road.

      The innovative business mode of Nurturing Culture with Business and Promoting Business through Culture, namely, sustainable development with the dual-wheel engine (cultural industries and cultural undertakings), serves as the first successful casein promoting the culture of Silk Road in protecting the cultural relics, and in developing characteristic cultural industry in Chinese private sectors. Therefore, the TWMG has been awarded the titles of Demonstration Base of Cultural Industry, a National AAAA Tourism Scenic Spot, Productive Protection Base for Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Model for Chinese Cultural Heritage Preservation and Continuation, and China's Most Valuable Cultural Tourist Destination. There is no question that the TWMG, with more than 37 million visitors annually, is a successful example and an attractive highlight in the commercial and tourist sectors.


    • 3. In order to protect the non-renewable historical resources, Mr. Lu surrendered huge commercial profits, and spent vast sums of money in inviting noted archaeological experts and authoritative historical relic preservation agencies to restore the archaeological site in the ancient Tang West Market. With the investment of nearly one billion RMB, the Tang West Market Museum now enjoys a reputation of the only privately owned First Class State Level Museum and “an enormous success for conserving Chinese cultural heritage”- Michel Peset, Former President of ICOMOS.


    • 4. Mr. Lu is committed to promoting the art change between the east and west, and to bringing people closer through cultural exchange. The TWMG together with the Ministry of Culture, People’s Government of Shaanxi Province, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC), and the Chinese Artists Association, co-organized “Painting the Silk Road”-an exchange activity for well-known artists-which explores a new mode for Chinese cultural export, and becomes a branding activity for Chinese cultural exchange.

      Additionally, a series of cultural activities held by the TWMG like the Spring Festival Cultural Fair, Silk Road International Exposition, and the Concert of One Silk Road and Two Cities have become a famous cultural brand and a new cultural exchange land mark in Shaanxi, facilitating the pace of constructing an international metropolis endowed with historic and cultural characteristics. Furthermore, a profound influence has also been reached with participation of the TWMG in activities like the Cultural Dialogue between China and Europe, and the 1st Silk Road International Platform Conference by UNESCO.


    • 5. To promote the prosperity of commerce and trade, and the revival of culture along the Silk Road, the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC) under the initiative of Mr. Lu, the Founding Chairman, was founded in Hong Kong by the TWMG and international chambers of commerce along the Silk Road. The SRCIC is the first international business confederation named after the Silk Road.

      The SRCIC and the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) co-organized the Silk Road International Investment Forum, Silk Road Business Summit, and Cooperation and Development Forum of International Industrial Parks. During these events, the SRCIC published the Hong Kong Declaration and Xi'an Declaration, leaving a far-reaching influence on promoting the global economic recovery and cultural exchange, which has become a notable example for international chambers of commerce supporting the Belt and Road construction.

      Over the past year, Mr. Lu actively narrated Silk Road stories, promoted the Belt and Road Initiative, and facilitated the landing of the Belt and Road construction projects through non-governmental diplomacy.


    • 6. Mr. Lu, as a member of CPPCC National committee for three consecutive terms, actively took part in discussions on political affairs. Focused on the hot issues of cultural industries, cultural undertakings, and the Belt and Road Initiative, Mr. Lu successively put forward more than 86 suggestive proposals titled “Upholding Principles of Government-Orientation, Scientific Planning and Reasonable Allocation in the Conservation and Utilization of Historical and Cultural Heritage”, “Steering and Supporting the Silk Road Construction by China-oriented International Chambers of Commerce”, “Setting up the Chinese Privately Owned Museum Association”, which have received much attention from Chinese central authorities and become the references in formulating the relevant policies and the regulations.