Mr. Wang Shi

Non-executive Director

Mr. Wang Shi was appointed as a Non-executive Director of the Company on 8 December 2015. Mr. Wang is a famous social worker and a cultural critic. He was enlisted in the year of 1968, and has taught at People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art (中國人民解放軍藝術學院) and Peking University (北京大學), lectured on the Form Theory of Art, as well as the Introduction to Art. He started presided over the daily work of the Chinese Culture Promotion Society (中華文化促進會) from 1992, served as deputy secretary general and the secretary general. He is currently the president of Chinese Culture Promotion Society, and a part-time professor at Chinese Academy of Governance (formerly known as National School of Administration) (國家行政學院), as well as the honorary chairman of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (絲綢之路國際總商會). Mr. Wang planned the “20th Century Classical Chinese Music” (20世紀華人音樂經典) activities and the compilation of “Twenty-Four Histories” (今注本二十四史). He also organised “Chinese Culture Summit” (中華文化論壇), “Chinese Culture’s Person of the Year Award” (中華文化年度人物), “Cross-Strait Culture Dialogue” (兩岸人文對話) and a number of other major cultural projects. His main works include: Brief Analysis of Literature and Art (文藝簡論), Lu Xun and His Novels (魯迅與他的小說), Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain (adaptation) (高山下的花環), In That Place Wholly Faraway (在那遙遠的地方) and Dunhuang Tales of the Night (敦煌夜譚).